I was sad to see the mature trees taken out at entrances to real estate in the various La Costa Oaks neighborhoods. I was like ” What the heck are they doing?” , about  a month ago. Now they are almost done with the new landscaping that is much more drought tolerant, so it’s good to see a community, so nice as La Costa Oaks, trying to do its part to save water ( and I bet a pretty big water bill each month too!)  to keep La Costa Oaks Real Estate so nicely groomed, green and well maintained. 

Drought tolerant landscaping seems to be the trend for owners of La Costa Oaks Real Estate. If you are thinking about the return yo might get for your La Costa Oaks home you want o out for sale one of these days, that could be a really wise choice because home buyers in La Costa Oaks looking at La Costa Oaks Homes For Sale, are going to be stoked to know that their potential water bill is going to be as low as possible!

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